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Wonton Restaurant Recommendation – Make Your Trip Even More Remarkable

August 7, 2021

No matter what local food you love or hate, you just can’t skip wonton. No. Because no one can deny such heavenly sensation of biting into the savory, crunchy shrimp dumplings. Plus, if you miss it in Hong Kong, there is no other place on earth for you to find such very best experience. Here we give you 4 good wonton restaurants to make your trip even more remarkable.

  1. Mak’s Noodles

Having earned the Michelin Star, Mak’s Noodles in Central serves the perfect form of “Sai Yung”, a small bowl of wonton noodles popular in the old days. It comes with a mouthful of al dente noodles and four shrimp dumplings in golden-yellowish broth. The Wontons are plump and delicate, filled with chunky shrimp and pork. Beef brisket or shrimp roe noodles are also worth trying.

  1. Tsim Chai Kee

Recommended by Michelin Guide for many years, this no frills restaurant will surprise you with its signature king prawn wonton noodle. Their extra large dumplings are fully packed with fresh chunky prawns and minced pork, giving you an unforgettably crunchy, flavorful experience. The restaurant is right across the street from Mak’s, so why not have a  wonton face-off on Wellington Street in Central!

  1. Sam Kee Noodles

Located on Mody Road, the no-frills eatery remain popular among locals, offering typical local noodles soup topped with wonton or beef brisket. A great place for having a good, cheap fix in the commercial district of Tsim Sha Tsui when your craving for wonton strikes

  1. Sam Tsai Kee

Serving with loads of heart, Sam Tsai Kee is just different without having to compare its food with others. The restaurant owner has 40 years of experience making wonton noodles and the love and compassion to serve the poor free wonton noodles. Still, the owner managed to establish and run 4 branches in different part of the city, including Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. You know it’s a good place to eat.

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