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Outdoor Activities : Kayaking – Easy, Fun and very Affordable

August 5, 2021

Though outdoor activities might not be the top priority on most visitor’s Hong Kong wishlist, no one can deny that the city does have fascinating natural treasure. After all, the city is not just a concrete jungle but also a concrete in a jungle as it is surrounded by mountains and water. So, wouldn’t it be nice to spare a half day to row your way into tranquility by, say, a kayak? It’s easy, fun and very affordable. Check out the following destination for your Hong Kong kayak experience.

  1. Hoi Ha

One of the most beautiful coves in Hong Kong where a wide variety of marine creatures inhabit. There you can find stores by the sea providing sundry water sport equipment for rent and coaches who will be responsible to teach you some basic skills for safety. Stand-up paddling, canoeing or snorkeling are all available.

  1. YHA Pak Sha Wan

A Glamping site that has everything prepared for you to go with bare hands. There you can relax your mind and enjoy the tranquility of nature in the snug and neat tents. Or, go for a Kayak voyage in Hoi Ha where the corals and fishes are clearly in sight even from the surface water. 

  1. High Island Reservoir

Not only great for hiking, the biggest reservoir in Hong Kong is also a nice destination for watersports. Taking advantage of the artificial lagoon that is built next to the reservoir, Chong Hing Water Sports Centre provides miscellaneous fun stuff. Different types of kayaks, sailing dinghies and windsurfing boards to rent, while color boats, sampans and pedal-driven boats are also popular choices.  

  1. Stanley Main Beach & St. Stephen Beach

A must-go to enjoy the southern ocean view of Hong Kong! You can find two beautiful shores on the two sides of the Stanley peninsula. There are watersports centres at each where you can hire a variety of equipment from windsurfing boards to kayaks. St. Stephen’s Beach is a more tranquil beach to enjoy sunset!

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