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Kai Kai Dessert – Michelin Guide Glutinous Rice Ball In Sweet Soup

April 20, 2021

Name (English): Kai Kai Dessert
Name (Chinese): 佳佳甜品
Category: Food & Beverages
Phone Number: +852 23843862
Address (English): G/F, 29 Ning Po St, Jordan
Address (Chinese): 佐敦寧波街29號地鋪
Address Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Nbge9tzCec2zV5EK6
Address longitude and latitude: 22.306722000546458, 114.17103951010421
Nearest MTR Station: Jordan Station Exit B1
Nearest MTR Station Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/aXeS8puwHyxxKMag7
Nearest MTR Station longitude and latitude: 22.305499741214643, 114.17179777901347
How far from the nearest MTR Station: 3-minute walk from Jordan Station Exit B1
Opening hours:
MON 00:00 – 03:30
TUE 00:00 – 03:30
WED 00:00 – 03:30
ThU 00:00 – 03:30
FRI 00:00 – 03:30
SAT 00:00 – 03:30
SUN 00:00 – 03:30
Budget (per person): HKD50
Recommended Time to Visit: 14:30-17:00
Recommended Food/Drinks: Black sesame paste, sweet sesame glutinous rice ball in ginger sweet soup
Accessibility Note: easy access

Located at a sightseeing area in Jordan, Kai Kai Dessert has been attracting both local returners and foreign visitors for more than 6 years. Selling more than 500 bowls per day, this traditional sweet spot is recognized by the Michelin Hong Kong street food guide for 6 consecutive years. The magic of Kai Kai Dessert lies within her secret recipes that pass from generation to generation. While many other dessert shops prepare their desserts from pre-made ingredients, the owners of Kai Kai Dessert sell only freshly hand-made desserts to ensure quality. Selling at around USD3 per bowl, the dessert here is a bang for the buck! 

Here are some of the most popular items that you must order:

1. Black Sesame Paste 

The charcoal-colored sweet soup always catches one’s attention with its aroma. Every day, the shop owners roast the sesame for a total of 4 hours – 2 in the morning and 2 at night. After such hard work, the sesame paste becomes richer in flavor and thicker in texture. Its silky smooth paste starkly distinguishes itself from the ordinary bland, water-like counterpart that is toasted by machines. 

2. Sweet Sesame glutinous Rice Ball in Ginger Sweet Soup

As a treasure of Kai Kai Dessert, the sweet soup is prepared from a secret recipe. Using ginger from Dongguan, the preparation of glutinous rice balls follows the traditional style originated in Ningbo. Thus, its sesame glutinous rice balls were smaller in size if you compare them with those from other shops. Chew open the mocha-like thin dumpling wrap, and the rich sesame fillings will gush out like lava. 

Because of its fame, there is always a long queue in front of Kai Kai Dessert. Do not panic! The table turnover rate is high, and you will soon have your table. If you are lucky enough, you may even bump into the movie star Chow Yun Fat, who is Kai Kai Dessert’s regular! 

Fully seated of Kai Kai Dessert

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