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Cart Noodles Recommendation – Flexible, Cheap, Fast, But Nevertheless Tasty

July 15, 2021

Chop chop. That’s the sound of cutting cart noodles toppings with scissors. Cart noodles is a Hong Kong soul food originated from the 1950s that comforts you whenever hunger strikes. You can pick the meat and veggie that you like for toppings as well as noodles and broth. Flexible, cheap, fast, but nevertheless tasty. Quite a good example of the city’s spirit. So where to find a good one? Check out the following 3 places.

  1. Man Kee 文記車仔麵

Man Kee in Sham Shui Po serves good quality, cheap cart noodles where you can choose basically everything: the noodles, the broth, and the toppings. Cheese-stuffed fish cakes, cuttlefish spring rolls are some tasty new options. You can even choose to have it at the traditional shop or the modern one. Yes, they offer two settings!

  1. Lam Kee 林記車仔麵

For 3 decades the humble eatery has been Sai Wan Ho locals’ favourite. With cheap pricing and “intimidating” number of topping options. Deep-fried shrimp/squid cakes, beef brisket, dumplings with leek and pork, radish and even pig blood curd are the most popular choices. 

  1. Fei Gung 肥公車仔麵

Right between Mong Kok and Prince Edward is this mainstay in local dining scene that churns out hot and wholesome bowls starting from $25. Fei Gung crafts its classic toppings like beef brisket, chicken wings, and radish to perfection. The outdoor dining area on a wide and rather quiet sidewalk will complete your original cart noodles experience.

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