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Congee Recommendation – A Traditional Dish Popular in East and Southeast Asian Countries

July 15, 2021

If you are scared, don’t bother to read. But I mean, what’s so big of a deal? After all, it’s just rice cooked with more water. Just that simple, but nevertheless delicious- that’s what we think of congee. It’s a traditional dish popular in east-and southeast asian countries since forever for being nurturing and, again, yummy. Plus, very much like noodle soup, we can put in anything to create and enhance the flavor. So why not? Here we give you 3 congee places for you to acquire the beauty of rice soup.

  1. Law Fu Kee

A congee specialist established in Central in the 1950s, Law Fu Kee has kept its recipe and decoration for decades. All the congee served is raw boiled (生滾粥), i.e. the ingredients are brought to boil in the prepared congee base upon ordering. Pig giblets congee, Deep fried Chinese breadsticks and Deep Fried Dace Balls are their bestsellers. Come early for the freshest everything.

  1. Ling Fat

A local legend serving excellent Chiu Chow cuisine, Ling Fat’s Oyster Congee (蠔仔粥) is not to be missed. Generous amount of fresh oyster cooked in flavorful congee base complimented with coriander, Chinese celery. If you have started to appreciate the taste of umami, go for an explosion there.

  1. Sun Hing Chang

Serving the best fish congee with pride and enthusiasm for over 50 years in Temple Street area in Jordan. the no-frills shop offers different specific parts of fish that are not found in most congee places, from fish brisket to gill cover. Do look out for their fire ball magic when they sautés everything in a bronze pot.

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