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The Mills – Another Revitalized Heritage Destination in Hong Kong

March 10, 2020

Name(English): The Mills
Name(Chinese): 南豐紗廠
Category: Culture and History
Phone Number: +852 3979 2300
Address(English): 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan
Address(Chinese): 荃灣白田壩街45號
Address Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/4qn3WofYjdmBN4CQ8
Address longitude and latitude: 22.37536613796009, 114.11017279113523
Nearest MTR Station: Tsuen Wan MTR Station Exit A3
Nearest MTR Station Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/k5eW2npZYjowWefq6
Nearest MTR Station longitude and latitude: 22.373911427969027, 114.1176657506304
How far from the nearest MTR Station: 15 mins from Tsuen Wan MTR Station Exit A3
Opening hours:
MON 10:00 – 22:00
TUE 10:00 – 22:00
WED 10:00 – 22:00
THU 10:00 – 22:00
FRI 10:00 – 22:00
SAT 10:00 – 22:00
SUN 10:00 – 22:00
Recommended Time to Visit: Afternoon
Accessibility Note: Easy access – elevator provided
Reminder:Shuttle bus is available

If you look for the heritage of the old Hong Kong, apart from the police headquarter (Tai Kwun) where the colonial architecture was remained, the traditional factory buildings bloomed in the 1960s of manufacturing era should also not be missed. The Mills, a dominant textile factory of the time has been revitalized and transformed into a makers’ hub of innovation and creativity for people to witness the historical structure as well as to experience the craftsmanship inherited.

The mural – Factory girl by Vhils

When you arrive, you will see a series of murals outside the building painted by local young artists. The murals illustrate the past and present of the former cotton mill, including the image of female workers who were called “factory girl”. At that time where the majority of workforce at textile factories were predominately women, there were even pop songs and TV dramas created celebrating their friendship and unity of work (https://youtu.be/LW1bGrnGeKA) . This is a popular snapshot spot of this landmark.

A “peace bucket” for fire hazards in the past

Going inside, there are a lot of signature structures revamped using the old materials which the imprint of history could be well preserved. You can see sand buckets adorning at every signage pillar which used to be the safety measure for fire hazards. The Chinese characters on it means “peace bucket” which implies the safeguard against fire. The fonts on the signage pillars are also purposely created using traditional stencil method that are gradually disappearing in modern buildings.

The three-storey space is the original design

While the original condition of the columns at The Main Hall are kept as they have been throughout decades, the hollow three-storey space also allows sunlight to shine through, which naturally makes the central staircase to become the signature photo spot. People often queue for their Instagram shots during weekend. You may see dogs around as well because this is a mall that rarely allows pets in.

Wavy Weaving Wall created by local artist Lam Tung Pang and design firm COLLECTIVE

Going up to the top floor, you can access to the rooftop park that is spacious and green furnished for visitors to relax and recharge. There is a 24.3m wide-spanning wavy wall mimicking fabric patchwork that captures imagery of people stitching in the old days. Other Instagrammable spots are like the off-paint green staircase and the commemorative “Golden Cup metal gate” and “NF5 gate”.

Having enough of the historical information? You can just sit down and chill at the restaurants ranging from quality western cuisines to local crafted beer and traditional Hong Kong desserts, at a low to medium price.

The experiential shops are another highlight at The Mills. “ALT:” demonstrates garment upcycling technology that you can experience bringing old clothes a new life.

The Garment-to-Garment Recycle System

“EONIQ” is a local mechanical watch brand that allows you to create your bespoke automatic watch in 2 hours by taking part in their guided workshop. It can be one of the most unique souvenirs you could have as you will involve in choosing your desired watch components, engraving names on the dial and learning to assemble a watch.

Other interesting choices of souvenirs can be found at “Mille-Feuille Select Store” where postcards and stationaries representing Hong Kong culture designed by local artists are available.

There are guided tours at weekend that you can pre-register online, gaining more understanding about the heyday of the Hong Kong textile stories that now carries forward to become a platform that showcases arts & cultural craftsmanship. Bored with shopping malls and street market and look for something traditional yet innovative? The Mills is where the old meets the new to get you inspired.

CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) 

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