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Mobile Charging Service – Power Up On The Go

August 5, 2021

Name(English): Mobile Charging Service
Name(Chinese): 手機充電服務
Category: Practical Information

Mobile phones are definitely one of the things that we can never get rid of in this digital age. As much as we rely on our phones, often the battery dies, and charging services will come in handy. Many public areas like malls or MTR stations in Hong Kong offer free charging service, while some businesses offer mobile charger rental. This article will provide you information for both options.

Free charging service

Charging stands are installed in most shopping centres and malls like most LINK shopping centres and MCP Central. A stand usually includes 3-5 types of charging cables that you may plug your device in for charging. Charging speed is slow however, as the cables are combined to one charging port.

Self-served charging lockers are also available in some malls like Maritime Square and APM. The one in APM offers a 45-minute free charging service, which you could still shop around and leave your phone charging in the locker. Yet, there are reports that phones in the lockers were stolen so do consider the safeness of using a locker. 

Fast food shops such as McDonald’s, Maxim’s MX offer 3-5 USB charging ports at selected branches. Time limit at McDonald’s is the loosest while Maxim MX have a 15-minute limit. Many in fact occupy the ports as long as they are having food there or the staff there do not ask them away despite the time limit.

KMB’s “city red” buses are equipped with a total of 12 USB charging ports on both the upper and lower decks. The ones at the lower deck are located at the fronter booths while those on the upper deck are located at the sides of the last rows. 

USB charging sockets and wireless charging pads are located in selected MTR stations. Most of them are located near the concierge in the concourse, yet there is a 15-minute time limit. 

Paid charging service

An alternative charging service that malls offer is charger rentals. A deposit ranging from HKD 50-500 has to be made and the charger will be yours until the end of the day. Extra charges applied for additional hours. 

7-Eleven convenience stores offer rentals with chargers provided by ChargeSpot. Each charger has three cables, Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB. Hourly rental costs HKD 5 while a daily rental costs HKD 15/day with a HKD 99 deposit. You will only need to download the ChargeSpot app to scan the QR code at the cashier to grab your charger and you can return it in any 7-Eleven with charger rental available.

Circle K convenience stores offer power bank rentals in all their branches except those located inside MTR stations. It costs HKD 15 for three days though there is a HKD 150 rental. The same applies for charger return — you can return your charger in any Circle K branches with the service offered. 

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