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Dim Sum in Hong Kong – Food that Touches Your Heart

June 8, 2021

Dim sum, a wide array of traditional Cantonese food, has been very popular among locals and visitors. Originated in Guangzhou, dim sum represents the essence of Cantonese cuisine and, as it became popular in the 19th century, incorporated the culinary arts of different origins, from northern China to the West. Now there are way more than a hundred types of dim sum dishes, mixing and matching flavors, textures, and cooking methods. Now let’s take a closer look to what yum cha — going to a teahouse or dim sum restaurant — is like.

Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings), Siu Mai (steamed pork and shrimp dumplings), and Cha Siu Bao (barbecued pork buns) are always at the top of the list. But here are what you should order as well:

燈影煎堆- 香港沙田的利苑酒家| OpenRice 香港開飯喇
Djeen Dui “煎堆”
Fried dough covered with sesame (with/without fillings)
(Photo source from Openrice https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/p-%E5%88%A9%E8%8B%91%E9%85%92%E5%AE%B6-p5414182)
蛋散也夠鬆軟- 點心居's photo in Kowloon City Hong Kong | OpenRice Hong Kong
Djah Daan San “炸蛋散”
Deep fried egg dough knots drizzled with honey
(Photo source from Openrice https://www.openrice.com/en/hongkong/p-%E8%9B%8B%E6%95%A3%E4%B9%9F%E5%A4%A0%E9%AC%86%E8%BB%9F-%E9%BB%9E%E5%BF%83%E5%B1%85-p400858)
蝦米炸兩腸粉- 香港金鐘的東海薈| OpenRice 香港開飯喇
Cheung Fan “腸粉” (with bread stick in this image)
Rice Noodle Sheet, usually with beef, shrimp, pork or Chinese style fried bread stick wrapped in
(Photo source from Openrice https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/p-%E6%9D%B1%E6%B5%B7%E8%96%88-p6583314)
奶皇流沙包- 香港沙田的利苑酒家| OpenRice 香港開飯喇
Lao Sha Bao “流沙包”
Steamed bun with creamy custard filling
(Photo source from Openrice https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/p-%E5%BF%85%E5%90%83-%E5%88%A9%E8%8B%91%E9%85%92%E5%AE%B6-p5151233)
鹹水角- 一茗堂's photo in Tai Wai Hong Kong | OpenRice Hong Kong
Hom Sui Gok “鹹水角”
Savoury deep-fried sticky rice dumpling with minced pork filling
(Photo source from Openrice https://www.openrice.com/en/hongkong/p-%E4%B8%80%E8%8C%97%E5%A0%82-p7522529)

Don’t forget another main element of yum cha – tea. Tea ranging from black to green is available at a teahouse. You may choose between Pu Er, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum tea, Shou Mei, and Oolong. Each type of tea carries its own scent and flavor. There is not one better than another. Rather, it’s completely a matter of personal preference. So pick the one you like- and don’t even think of soft drink or beer, because dim sum is meant to be enjoyed with tea.

A final note is to grab as many friends to to form your dim sum pack, since the bigger the group is, the more dishes you can try. Sharing is joy!

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