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5 Chinese Desserts Shops You Should Try After The Main Course

June 10, 2021

OK. This one is for those who’s got a sweet tooth AND an open mind to try Chinese dessert. Not saying it’s bad or weird or anything. It is just something beyond cheese cake or ice cream that it has an unique aesthetic to it and completes your imagination of Chinese food in Hong Kong. So we have got you 5 Chinese dessert places to sweeten up your trip. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

Most come for the signature Steamed Milk (雙皮燉奶), a custardy dessert originated from Guangdong in 1850s. The Chinese name literally translates as double-layer steamed milk- the top milk skin is fragrant and sweet, the second layer is a tender and smooth milk pudding. For more flavor, go with the Ginger Steamed Milk (薑汁燉奶), which is a popular choice in autumn and winter.

  1. Leaf Dessert 玉葉甜品

Up on the slope of Elgin Street, the green metal sheet Dai Pai Dong serves traditional sweet shop in an expedient manner. The Cold Green Bean Soup With Seaweed (凍海帶綠豆湯) is the best choice in summer that helps clear your ance and detox after an all-nighter! 

  1. Stand By You

A small shop in Tin Hau with a strong sense of belonging to the city, Stand By You is known for its specially-handcrafted local desserts. The Eight Treasures Herb Jelly is a classic Taiwanese dessert well mastered by Stand By You. Their Crème Brûlée series and the Horlick flavored one are particularly tempting!

  1. Kai Kai

Selling more than 500 bowls per day, this traditional sweet spot is recognized by the Michelin Hong Kong street food guide for 6 consecutive years. Freshly hand-made desserts like Black Sesame Paste and Sweet Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball in Ginger Sweet Soup are irresistibly hearty.

  1. Chiu Chow Hop Shing

Established in 1955, Hop Shing is in Kowloon City is one of the few dessert places in Hong Kong that specializes in Chiu Chow (Teochew) desserts. Offering more than 90 types of delicious, soul-warming sweet soups with which you are free to mix and match, the shop is most famous for their lotus seeds and traditional jelly cubes.

Of course there are many dessert places in every part of the city. Some incorporate modernized recipe or fusion in their menu so you can expect shaved ice, cream, and pastry. Feel free to explore and go with your instinct. Just note that shops are usually small and sharing table with others is common. Avoid going to a dessert place after dinner time or you will have to have your sweet experience light-speed after waiting at the door for quite a while. 

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