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Biu Kee Mahjong – Craftsmanship revealed by Scars on Mr. Cheung’s Fingertips

April 22, 2021

Name (English): Biu Kee Mahjong
Name (Chinese): 標記麻雀
Category: Music, Arts & Museum
Phone Number: +852 27304028
Address (English):  G/F., 26F, Jordan Rd
Address (Chinese): 佐敦道26號地下
Address Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Uhe5aTKL7QdQMakD8
Address longitude and latitude: 22.305328160998076, 114.1695190800757
Nearest MTR Station: Jordan Station Exit C2
Nearest MTR Station Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Lc8n3Y51QkxSzrp37
Nearest MTR Station longitude and latitude: 22.304313050516676, 114.17118547183175
How far from the nearest MTR Station: 5-minute walk from Jordan Station Exit C2
Opening Hours:
MON 11:30-22:30
TUE 11:30-22:30
WED 11:30-22:30
THU 11:30-22:30
FRI 11:30-22:30
SAT 11:30-22:30
SUN 11:30-22:30
Budget (per person): HKD100
Recommended Time to Visit: During daytime
Accessibility Note:
Easy access

Every neighbor of any Hong Kong household can tell what they are up to by the clacking sounds of shuffling mahjong tiles. But its popularity is shrinking so does the future of hand-carved mahjong thanks to technology. There are only a few artisans in town struggling to keep it alive, one of whom is Cheung Shun-King(張順景) from Biu Kee Mahjong, with his tiny understairs store standing humbly in Jordan. 

A tiny understairs store
A master, Mr. Cheung

The signature white-green tiles, tiny handmade chisels and bow-and-arrow-like tools, and the scars on Mr. Cheung’s fingertips reveal all of his craftsmanship, hard work and dedication. Nobody would deny he is a natural-born talent, as he never received any formal training but only mastered the skills on his own from observing how his dad and grandfather worked their magic. A master he has become now after 50 years in business – no wonder he could immediately distinguish the differences between machine-made and hand-carved tiles just by their smell and colors. 

Craftsmanship revealed by scars on Mr. Cheung’s fingertips
Personalized tiles

But his business has been hit by waves of technology, especially after the creation of electronic mahjong tables where the hand-carved ones are no longer valuable. Compared to a regular set that only costs $200, Mr. Cheung’s 4000-dollar-worth set also makes people hesitant to own one. It is definitely to compete with technology, which makes him pessimistic about its future – but he is striving to sustain his art through making personalized tiles like favorite Cantonese slangs, festival-themed blessings, and even your names. Maybe it could also be a souvenir for you to bring home or for your loved ones?

Regular sets of Mahjong

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