Hong Kong is best known as a centre for big business, but scattered among its gleaming corporate towers it is possible to find small, independent companies that specialise in traditional trades. These companies are closely linked to Hong Kong’s history, and are woven into the city’s cultural fabric. They’re part of what gives Hong Kong its unique aesthetic and atmosphere.

Times are changing, though. Many of these businesses have no succession plans and anticipate closure. As these elements of its heritage disappear, Hong Kong edges ever closer to becoming another generic global city.

In this walk, we will visit a number of these disappearing trades, the last masters of some of Hong Kong’s home-grown industries. With the end in sight for many, we go out to hear their stories and learn about their ways of life, before they are lost for ever.


Starting Time: 10:00am

Meeting Point: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park – Outside swimming pool building

Find Us: Find a yellow T-shirt/jacket with ‘The Hong Kong Free Tours’

Fee: Due to COVID-19, the original tip-based free tour is now operated as paid tour. Guests will be charged a fixed fee of 350 HKD per head.

Reservation: Only guests with reservation will be able to join the tour.

Ending Time & Point: 1:30pm at PMQ

Major Sites:
– Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park: Green Lifestyle Sightseeing Spot
– Paper Offering: Paper offering industry and its Guinness World Record
– Salted Fish: How coastline and technology shape this industry
– Dried Seafood Market and its history: How they get there where they are and how it is connected to Hong Kong’s modern economy
– QiPao Tailor: The last master of a Shanghai heritage in Hong Kong
– Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall: From opium trade & Chinese labour trade to international trade
– Letterpress Printing: Who would be in their right mind to continue this?


Cancellation: Please note this tour may be cancelled due to the following conditions:

Weather:  Tour may be cancelled in the case of a typhoon signal three or a yellow rain signal. Cancellations due to weather will be announced on the website one hour prior to the tour’s start time.

Participants: Tours may be cancelled if fewer than two participants join the tour. In this case cancellation will be announced at the tour’s start time.

Friendly reminder: Please wear a hat or bring an umbrella, and stay hydrated to prevent heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

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香港不只是個繁華的國際商貿,不應只得摩天大廈, 在城市的小街轉角處,散落著老舊小店和餘輝未盡的 行當,低調、含蓄,卻一直閃閃發光。他們與我城一 路走來,密不可分,既訴說了城市的往事種種,並融 入了我們的文化肌理,讓這座名為香港的城市有了香 港的美和氛圍。 如今,往昔香江風情或將成遺美,傳統行業後繼無 人,都逐漸式微以至消逝,讓人婉惜之餘,不禁問沒 有了文化的血脈傳承,所謂國際都會又個性何在? 這次漫步之旅,我們將探見這些在時代巨輪下後退的 美麗風景——這些走向消逝的行業和店舖,並拜訪碩 果僅存的手藝大師。在餘輝尚存之際,去聽聽他們的 故事,探進他們的生活,領略舊香港的韻致與風情。


1. 孫中山紀念公園——本地綠色生活景點
2. 紙紮品——你所不知的工藝、興衰和健力士世界紀錄
3. 鹹魚——從土產看海,認識香港的地理位置如何促生這漁村美味
4. 海味街——傳統飲宴不可或缺的鮑參翅肚全都集中在這條長街,揭示著飲食文化背後的現代經濟 和近代華人史
5. 旗袍裁縫——百年老字號的手製旗袍,以美學風尚述說社會變遷
6. 廣福祠堂——從鴉片貿易及「賣豬仔」的國際貿易窺見華工的來與去、生與死
7.活字印刷 ——一切如舊的機器和字粒,見證印刷業的往昔風光

請注意: 穿著合適的步行鞋
集合地點: 孫中山紀念公園 – 游泳池外
集合時間: 上午10:00
終點 : PMQ
結束時間: 下午 1:30
時長: 3.5 小時
價格: 每人港幣 350 元
團體人數: 不超過 28 人

COVID-19 保險: 團體個人意外保險保障包括新冠病毒將由 蘇黎世保險公司提供,並且成本包含在此報價中。所有參 與者需要提供以下資料而受保:全名、香港身份證號碼、 聯絡電話。

本地團體旅遊有條件豁免: 香港特別行政區政府於 2021 年 4 月 27 日宣布恢復持牌旅行社組織不超過 30 人的本地團體 旅遊的有條件豁免,包括陪同當地團體旅遊的工作人員, 自 2021 年 4 月 29 日起生效。該旅遊已根據該計劃註冊。





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