Ever wondered how a family of four manages to live in a space less than 100 square feet (10 square meters)?
The ONLY tour in Hong Kong, unveiling the true, unvarnished side of Hong Kong life. Let us bring you in a real subdivided unit, witness the reality behind the city’s glamorous facade.

Tour Availability: EVERY DAY, including public holidays!
Duration: 15:00PM – 17:00PM (approximately 2 – 2.5 hours)
Price: HKD $250


– Prince Edward MTR: Discover why Hong Kong’s housing is among the world’s least affordable and consider the solvability of this issue amidst high prices and limited space.
– Portland Street:
Observe the architectural transformation from traditional four-story buildings to modern 30-story skyscrapers that encapsulate Hong Kong’s housing evolution.
– Cedar Street:
Experience the stark reality of a subdivided unit, offering a personal perspective on the city’s pressing housing crisis.

– Lui Seng Chun: Sample herbal tea while hearing our guide’s firsthand account of tackling daily housing challenges in Hong Kong.
– Lai Chi Kok Road and Boundary Street: Uncover hidden subdivided flats while learning about the range of subdivided housing in Hong Kong.
– Hai Tan Street:
Examine how Hong Kong maintains a low tax rate through land sales in the midst of gentrification and its effects on public finance.


Starting Time: 3:00 PM
Meeting Point: Prince Edward MTR Station Exit D (**INSIDE the station**)
Find Us: Find your tour guide holding a yellow fan with “The Hong Kong Free Tours”
Ending Time & Point: Around 5:00 PM at Sham Shui Po Station
Booking: Please book through our reservation system.
Fee: HKD $250


Hong Kong’s Wealth Disparities – Take a brief introduction of Hong Kong’s Capitalistic system, see how citizens compete with high living cost

Housing Crisis – Uncover the naked truth behind the glittering facade of Hong Kong by visiting a subdivided unit, how does a Hong Kong family of 3 live in an apartment with only 100 sq. ft


Essential: NO tours in Hong Kong would delve into the poorer side of the city and tell tourist the truth of capitalism in Hong Kong, they would not have access to a subdivided unit or cage home even if you ask.

English Speaking Guide: Our guide speaks fluent English, unlike other tour companies that send guides with poor spoken English.

More than Tourists Review: Our company is reviewed by major media including New York Times, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Straits Times, Financial Times (Dutch, right click download), La Vanguardia (Spanish, right click download), Leffet Papillon (French), SCMP and more!

We are Insanely Passionated: We rented a cage home just for this tour ONLY so you can experience it first hand rather than seeing it from a photo.

The First Free Walking Tour in HK: We have been around since 2016 and been through the 2019 protest and COVID-19. Dark Side of Hong Kong has the most media coverage of all our tours.


Cancellation Policy: Please note this tour may be cancelled due to the following conditions:
Weather: Tour may be cancelled in the case of a typhoon signal three or a yellow rain signal. Cancellations due to weather will be announced on the website one hour prior to the tour’s start time.
Participants: Tours may be cancelled if fewer than three participants join the tour. In this case, cancellation will be communicated to all registered participants.

Friendly reminder: Please wear a hat or bring an umbrella, and stay hydrated to prevent heatstroke or heat exhaustion.


Homelessness, Poverty and Injustice: Touring Hong Kong
Among the crows on Kweilin Street in the run-down Hong Kong neighborhood of Sham Shui Po, Alla Lau darted between street signs, peering at the backs of them until she found what she was looking for. She beckoned...
Best thing I did while in Hong Kong
Can’t recommend this tour highly enough. Gives a real insight into what it’s like to live in Hong Kong for the lower class. This tour was by far the highlight of my 6 day trip to Hong Kong and I did a lot while I was there.
Thought-provoking experience
The tour shows a sobering perspective on Hong Kong. Behind all the glitter of the super-rich, you see how everyone else is left behind to deal with a housing and geopolitical crisis. Half a year later, my girlfriend and I still talking about it.





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