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Hong Kong’s Top 5 Indoor Activities with Kids

August 26, 2021

If you are visiting Hong Kong in summer, you would probably have to take a break from the scorching heat. Or if not, here is a roundup of Hong Kong’s best indoor activities with kids. 

  1. HK Space Museum

There is no doubt that being an astronaut is a dream of many kids. Embark your cosmic expedition in the colossal “pineapple bun” museum! Join their internet stargazing activities online and documentary viewing in the hemispherical theatre where you lay down on the carpet and count the stars above your head!

  1. HK Science Museum

Got a little scientist? The Science Museum is where you could learn complex scientific and mathematical ideas through the fun and interactive exhibits. Don’t worry that it’ll be too nerdy! Let the curious minds lead and see what it offers!

  1. ICC & Sky 100

If you have once wondered what the great glass lift from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 film) is like, the lift in ICC glides up 100 floors in a minute to the Sky 100 observation deck is kind of similar, just enclosed. Once you step out of the lift, you will be amazed by a 360-degree view of the iconic Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong’s tallest building. Don’t forget to take some photos as you relish the cityscape!

  1. Yum Cha

Pay homage to the local’s favourite meal in the Chinese culinary world! Yum Cha gives a twist to the traditional cuisine and makes their dim sum insta-worthy. Treat yourselves with their cute piggy faces on their BBQ piggy bun (Char siu bao) and other too-cute-to-eat dim sum.

  1. VR game

Travelling is for escaping reality. Immerse into the world of VR games and have fun in the fictional world. Be the warrior to fight against zombies, or an adventurer to an alien world where gravity doesn’t exist. Or if you don’t need an adrenaline boost, still try out some relaxing VR puzzle-solving or painting sessions. 

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