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MacLehose Trail Stage 1 – From West Dam to East Dam

September 30, 2021

Name: MacLehose Trail Stage 1 麥理浩徑第一段
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Address: MacLehose Trail Stage 1, Sai Kung (google map pin here)
Opening Hours:
MON 00:00 – 23:59
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Recommended Time to Visit: 8am / 2pm

Offering perfect photo angles of High island Reservoir, MacLehose Trail Stage 1 is mostly flat where more than 90% of road made up with concrete. Despite a little upslope, it fits for all level hikers.

The starting point of the 100-km trail

As the longest trail in Hong Kong, MacLehose Trail possesses with ten stages and is a hundred kilogram in length, from east to west crossing the span of New Territories. The initial stage I’m going to introduce is the one relatively easy to walk, as road is mostly clear and plane, basically a driveway accessible for vehicles. When going along with 10.6km trail, you are able to take a glance at the majestic reservoir, various geological landform. It takes approximately 2 hours and half to finish.

Direction to the starting points

After taking MTR to Choi Hung Station Exit C and getting minibus 1A to Sai Kung Town, you may proceed to take the bus 94/96R or minibus no.7 to Pak Tam Chung where you will start walking the trail. Be reminded that this is the final chance to buy some refreshments as there’re more stores ahead.

The starting point

When everything’s ready, you may follow the driveway to the gate, before bypassing P.H.A.B Site and Sheung Yiu Village. Shortly, you will be seeing an intersection – left is to Hoi Ha, whereas right is to High Island Reservoir. Turn right here. There’s an information board with a map showing the exact way of Stage 1, better to take a photo for fear of straying. 

Direction to West Dam

To go on walking, you will first meet several barbeque sites. Be aware of the distance pillars that are erected every 500 metres, they indicate how far did you go and ensure you’re on the right way. Going uphill for a while, there’s a roundabout where a pavilion is located. You can take some rest here, then make your step to the right side. 

You will see this view in the first 20 mins

Not long, you will see a lake, though it’s not – it’s High Island Reservoir, the biggest one containing more than 273 million m³ of water. The tree-shaded road remains plain in the following 3km distance to West Dam Pavilion. When the huge stele is on your sight, it means you finally reach West Dam

Direction to East Dam

Less shade ahead, please take enough sunscreen or an umbrella to walk under the scorching sun, and for sure enough water. Don’t forget taking photos of the magnificent scenery on your both sides. Look at the left, there’s a watersport centre (Link). Keep staying left when you see fork road.

Go along with the last part of trail and not make any turn. In seeing the colossal blue breakwater, you arrive East Dam. Though there’s still a small distance to the end of Trail Stage 1, I suggest stopping here as there will be no returning vehicles, unless you’re keen to walk further Stage 2 that takes another couples of hours.

What else to visit?

Definitely, it’s not a loss staying in East Dam, as there’re lots of interesting stuff await. Hexagon Columns, sea cave, pipe organ-like island, should you wanna know more, you may visit our website that introduces a lot (Link).

New friends on your way!


At least 3L Water, sunscreen and umbrella. Chocolate bars or raisin are recommended snakes for energy.

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