If you go to a bar, you target is to be social and make new friends, and you will attracted by the ladies and gentlemen sitting next to you. But have you ever imagine that the person drinking with you is actually has a non-binary gender identity, who can be a “ladyboy” or a transsexual?

If you rely on your imagination only, you may feel strange, confused or even resist; in reality, the light in a bar is dim, and the environment obstruct all your senses, you may not tell the correct gender of the person just by their physical appearance. In such situation, people tend to understand each other through conversation. By eliminatin the first impressions based on appearance, limitations between identity and gender are breaked, and we can communicate with each other as our true selves. You will realise people with different gender identities are all “human” inside, no different from you.

Our “LGBT Pub Crawl” will invite guest speakers who has non-binary gender identity to a few gay bars in Central, having a pub crawl with participants and discuss gender diversity issues. Of course, you can ask the guests questions about sexual minorities and challenges they face in the society. We hope you will learn from their stories and become more open to gender diversity.

Sexuality is not a forbidden subject to discuss, it is something that everyone should face up to. We wish to provide an opportunity for people to try to put aside their preconceoptions, understand concept of “sex” from different perspectives.


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