Hong Kong is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Asia, with a vibrant and unique history of immigration. In the ten years leading to 2016, the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong had grown by 60%.

While diversity in Asia’s World City is a fact proved by numbers, however, it is worth questioning whether Hong Kongers are inclusive enough to embrace this diversity – What would you feel if a South Asian walk towards you in the middle of the night in Tsim Sha Tsui?

In this walk, we will explore the history of Hong Kong from the people’s perspective – How Hong Kong society

benefits from cultural diversity with people from different origins and what we should do to protect this value of Hong Kong.


Starting Time: 1:45pm

Meeting Point: Jordan MTR Station Exit A

Find Us: Find a yellow T-shirt/jacket with ‘The Hong Kong Free Tours’

Fee: Due to COVID-19, the original tip-based free tour is now operated as paid tour. Guests will be charged a fixed fee of 400 HKD per head.

Reservation: Only guests with reservation will be able to join the tour.

Ending Time & Point: 5:00pm at Chung King Mansion

Major Sites:
– Temple Street – The daily life of ethnic group: jewellery shops, hair salons, and restaurants
– Bowring Commercial Centre : Ethnic shopping center, a variety of nostalgic shops.
– Kowloon Park : Green Lifestyle Sightseeing Spot
– St. Andrew’s Church & Christian Action Center for Migrants Domestic Workers :
Conditions faced by migrant domestic workers and assistance provided by the center
– Boundary Street: Hong Kong’s minimum wage, coffin house and cage house
– Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre:
A tour inside the mosque and a brief introduction on the three Sect (Sunni Islam, Shia Islam and Khariji Islam)
– Chung King Mansion & Christian Action Center for Refugees:
The original of Chung King Mansion and how it became a multicultural area?


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Weather:  Tour may be cancelled in the case of a typhoon signal three or a yellow rain signal. Cancellations due to weather will be announced on the website one hour prior to the tour’s start time.

Participants: Tours may be cancelled if fewer than two participants join the tour. In this case cancellation will be announced at the tour’s start time.

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充滿活力的香港既是國際大都會,獨特的移民史亦讓它成 為亞洲最為文化多元的城市之一。直到 2016 年的十年 間,香港的少數民族增長了 60%,看來論多元化,香港自 是無庸置疑。 然而,香港人又是否夠包容性去接納這份多元性?想像半 夜走在尖沙咀,迎面走來的是個南亞人,你會有什麼感 覺? 這次步行之旅,我們將從少數族裔的角度探索香港的歷史 ——香港作為一個社會如何從他們的多元文化中獲益,我 們又該如何保護這份香港價值。


  1. 在佐敦站 A 出口集合
  2. 廟街 —— 少數族裔的衣食住行 ,包括金鋪,髮 型屋,餐廳介紹
  3. 寶靈商業中心 —— 少數族裔的購物中心,五花八門的懷舊店舖。
  4. 九龍公園 —— 本地綠色生活景點
  5. 聖安德烈堂及勵行會(外傭) ——教會的歷史及其對香港家庭傭工的援助
  6. 九龍清真寺和伊斯蘭中心——走進清真寺並認識三大教派:遜尼派、什葉派和哈里哲派
  7. 重慶大廈及勵行會(難民) ——這座有小聯合國、民間非洲國家大使館之稱的傳奇大廈的前世今生。

請注意: 穿著合適的步行鞋
集合地點: 佐敦站 A 出口
集合時間: 下午 1:45
終點: 重慶大廈
結束時間: 下午 5:00
時長: 3 小時
價格: 每人港幣 400 元
團體人數: 不超過 28 人

COVID-19 保險: 團體個人意外保險保障包括新冠病毒將由 蘇黎世保險公司提供,並且成本包含在此報價中。所有參 與者需要提供以下資料而受保:全名、香港身份證號碼、 聯絡電話。

本地團體旅遊有條件豁免: 香港特別行政區政府於 2021 年 4 月 27 日宣布恢復持牌旅行社組織不超過 30 人的本地團體 旅遊的有條件豁免,包括陪同當地團體旅遊的工作人員, 自 2021 年 4 月 29 日起生效。該旅遊已根據該計劃註冊。





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