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Staying in Cheung Chau – Accommodation Tips – Hotel, B&B, & Local Resort

March 10, 2021

Getting cozy but cheap accommodation could be a great challenge in Cheung Chau. Here are some recommendations which you’d better take a look before going. 

Although Cheung Chau is a small island, thanks to the vibrant tourism industry (both local and oversea travelers), there are a wide variety of rooms you could choose: hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and camps. 


Name: Warwick Hotel 華威酒店
Address: Tung Wan, Cheung Chau
Phone: +852 3176 6312

If you are looking for a standard hotel or you are traveling with the whole family, Warwick Hotel may be your best option. Though it is the only hotel in Cheung Chau, they are not here to rip you off with ridiculous tourist prices. For about HKD 700, you will have a seaview room where nothing will obstruct your view from your room. Bored with the view? There is not one, but two beaches next to the hotel with tons of amenities there!


Name: B&B Cheung Chau
Category: Accommodation
Address: 12 – 14 Tung Wan, Cheung Chau
Phone: +852 2986 9990

Name: Lychee Sunset Hotel 華威酒店
Category: Accommodation
Address: 94 – 95 Lai Chi Yuen, Cheung Chau
Phone: +852 2986 9992

B&B is another popular option among travelers, which is also a great choice for cost conscious couples. B&B Cheung Chau and Lychee Sunset Hotel are highly recommended, they are cheaper than Warwick and their rooms are neatly designed with a holiday vibe.

Local Resort

Name: Bela Vista Villa
Address: Cheung Chau Beach Rd (north), Cheung Chau
Phone: 5441 7398

Name: Miami Resort
Address: Section 12, Bela Vista Villa, Cheung Chau 
Phone: 2981 8504

Bela Vista Villa and Miami Resort are some economical choices for both big groups and couples. For instance, the locals would rent a 1000HKD room that fits eight-persons, which is only around 120 HKD each! The benefit of “local” is that you can do all the “local” things at the resorts, including the local barbecue where it is hugely popular throughout the year.

More importantly, all these options are very close to Tung Wan Beach, so you can enjoy the sun basking before getting a shower in your room.


Name: Miami Resort
Address: Saiyuen, Cheung Chau
Phone: 2666 9556

Last but not least, there are one more peculiar but innovative accommodations on the island, which is to camp. No worries, you need not bring any stuff before you go – everything is well-prepared. 

Sai Yuen is a new and trending spot that offers different styles of camps, such as Indian, South African, and Mongolian. What is more, there are plenty of outdoor activities provided, from canopy walking to ziplining, from bubble bump football to archery – surely you will gain a fruitful day should you be adventurous enough!

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