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Best Place to Buy Souvenirs – Find Your Trip Trophies, From Goldfish Tea Cups to Bruce Lee Posters

August 3, 2021

In a city that is best at food and service, it’s not so easy to find good souvenirs. But if you are not too cynical about street quality traditional crafts and antiques (which come at sweet prices), here are the best places for you to find your trip trophies, from goldfish tea cups to Bruce Lee posters.

  1. Ladies Market

Great for hunting cheap products and souvenirs, the 1km-long market provides all kinds of fun to buy, from clothes to toys, and to cellphone cases, not to mention fake designer brand items and electronic gadgets. Always come with your haggle tricks!

  1. Temple Street Market

Known as paradise of leisure and entertainment for the grassroots, this vibrant area offers jade, clothes, bags, souvenirs, gadgets, paintings… You name it. Coolest is you can find a lot of good local restaurants in the area, from stir-fried seafood to snake soup.

  1. Antique Market

Closed to Central, Antique Street is home to an array of eclectic antiques shops. It’s great fun to check out the stalls and booths along the streets. You can find treasures from different eras and origins: ancient pottery from China, Tibetan rugs, jade trinkets, Mao’s memorabilia, Bruce Lee posters, vintage magazine, and the Sony DV that you used to own.

  1. Stanley Market

In this small market at the back streets of the promenade, you can find a warren of cute little stores. Compared with the other markets, here, you can find better quality of local crafts and gimmicky souvenirs that include Hong Kong-themed products, counterfeit handbags, silk clothing, handcrafted tableware, paintings and even you name written in Chinese in fancy art calligraphy.

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