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Best Outdoor Activity in Hong Kong – Hiking – From Globally Renowned Trails, to Wonderful, Soul Purifying Landscape

August 3, 2021

While Hong Kong is famous for food and shopping, its treasure of nature shall not be masked by the glamorous urban lifestyle. In fact, there are hardly any other city or country that can provide natural lovers what Hong Kong has to offer; super convenient and highly accessible transport, well-organized trials with urban life only about 30 mins away, not to mention it is exceptionally safe wherever you go in the city. From globally renowned trails, to wonderful, soul purifying landscape, we list out great hikes for you to see the beauty of Hong Kong from a different side. 

  1. Lion Rock

Capture the most breathtaking peninsula view amid the ambience of the Lion Rock Spirit. The Lion Rock, in the shape of a crouching lion, is a mountain that connects Kowloon and the New Territories.The 7.7km trail is a moderate hike and requires some effort walking on uneven surfaces. After finish, a visit to Wong Tai Sin Temple which is just right around the corner from where you get off can be a perfect end to the journey.

  1. Sunset Peak + Lantau Peak

Hiking to Sunset Peak is definitely the best cure for your urbanphobia. Standing atop the third highest mountain in Hong Kong, you will be able to capture the most magnificent sunset in the city. A great reward for constantly trekking up steep rocky stairs. The trail is mostly shaded and vegetated. If you want a bit more challenge, go for night hike to Lautau Peak, where you can see landmarks such as Shek Pik Reservoir, Ngong Ping with Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

  1. Dragon’s Back

Awarded “The best of Asian” by Lonely Planet and Times and highly recommended by CNN, Dragon’s Back is one of the most popular trails in Hong Kong Island. The 9.5km trail takes approximately 3 hours to finish. Not steep nor high, it’s perfect for beginners and families. On the billowy ridge in Hong Kong Island east, you will feast on the sea horizon and the panoramic view. Big Wave Bay, the destination of the trail, is a well-known beautiful sandy beach where you can grab a coffee and chill until sunset, or rent a surfing board for just $60.

  1. Tai Tam Reservoir Hike

A secret garden of the city to heal your soul with the view of the evergreen surrounding hills and their reflections on the mirror water. The 9km hiking trail from Quarry Bay to Tai Tam is easy-peasy, educational and suitable for all the hikers (especially the lazy ones). The paths are mostly shielded by canopy trees providing natural air-con to cool you down from the summer heat. Take your time and admire the unbeatable sceneries of the granite stone bridges with the backdrop of evergreens at the cluster of century-old Tai Tam Dam, and get your Instagram shot right!

  1. Rhino Rock

If you are going to visit Stanley, why not hiking around Stanley to enjoy the southern waters to its fullest? Just spend 1.5 hours to find the Rhino Rock perched on the hillside of Che Pau Teng! The 1.5km short hike can be quite challenging and ambiguous to less experienced hikers but the ocean view along the way is for sure worth all the big steps and climbing. 

When you find the Rhino Rock, you will have it with a perfect scenery of the southern ocean for your best shots on Instagram. 

  1. Ham Tin Village and Beach

The idyllic recess at the nook of Sai Kung fascinates people with its paradisiacal beach, the perfect view of Sharp Peak, and more importantly the palatable food. Ham Tin Wan is the best midway site to take a break. Situated at the middle point of MacLehose Trail Stage 2, the beautiful beach and the delectable food freshly made at the old store will have you captivated. There is also a campsite facing the South China Sea and embraced by the Sharp Peak. There you will enjoy the isolated tranquility.

We have more articles covering trails, beaches, villages in countryside, campsites and more. Check them out for your best Hong Kong outdoor trip. You can also book a private outdoor tour with our amazing guides. Simply send us an email at info@hongkongfreetours.com and we will make the best tour for you. See you soon!

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